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Learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences to provide greater support through trauma-informed practice

As part of our mission, we invite two people from each local agency to become ACEs Champions to help us create positive change, made possible by a community-wide understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences.


If you decide to become an ACEs Champion for your organisation, you will have access to our newly devised Champions Programme. The aim of the Programme is to form a network of professionals who are all dedicated to developing their knowledge and understanding of trauma informed approaches, to provide better support in the Swale area.

This involves a virtual training and development day on either the 5th or 12th February 2021, as well as entry to our virtual ACEs conference on the 12th March 2021.


You will learn vital information on our training day about how Adverse Childhood Experiences impact people throughout their lives, with a focus on having a trauma-informed approach with the services you offer.

Following the training day, you will be invited to attend a virtual screening of the film, Resilience, with the opportunity to discuss thoughts and feelings afterwards.


The conference will be a great way to bring all of our local ACEs Champions together. We will be showcasing the progress of the Programme in Swale, as well as discussing plans for continued development of projects in the future. We are also delighted to have Dr Karen Treisman and Yasmin Ishaq as our guest speakers for the day.

Dr Treisman is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS & children’s services; as well as cross-culturally in Africa & Asia with groups ranging from former child soldiers to survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. Karen has extensive clinical and assessment experience in the areas of trauma, parenting, & attachment; including adversity. She is also the author of "Working with relational & developmental trauma in children & adolescents" and "A therapeutic treasurebox for children with developmental trauma".

Yasmin Ishaq is a Psychotherapist/Social Worker who has been involved in the development of Open Dialogue in Kent for the last 6 years. Open Dialogue is a compassionate approach to mental distress that involves working with the whole family or network, rather than just the individual. Yasmin has been involved in the development of Open Dialogue in Kent for the last 6 years, with the Kent team being the first in the UK to operationalise the approach.


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Becoming an ACEs Champion is just the beginning of your journey. It will equip you to further share the knowledge you have gained, raising awareness about the importance of having a trauma-informed approach.

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